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We ease complex dynamics through strategy and research.

Giob creates objects that challenge the present time, inspire people and add value to a story.

Giob is a design oriented multidisciplinary studio
that creates
communication solutions
for every platform.



A redolent place.

A bird becomes the main character in social media and in the bar interior.

We've brewed up a vibrant visual identity for a trendy bar, the go-to spot for the 20-30s crowd. Introducing 'Un Posto Fragrante' and a Street Art-inspired logo, we've curated an urban-cool atmosphere. Meet Eka, the bar's witty mascot, starring in quirky comics blending history, memes, and collages on Social Media. These comics transform into posters, adding a splash of fun to the bar's interior.

tre fumetti riguardo pizza, vino e gin
tre grafiche per t-shirt di un bar
Mock-Up Instagram Pizza
Tre mock-up instagram con mascotte di un bar


A new visual identity for a corporate merger.

Brand identity and social media

Fides was born from the merger of several insurance agencies. Reliability, integrity, professionalism and the constant drive for innovation and technology are the main themes of the new visual identity, which is enhanced by a custom font. Social Media communication (Facebook and Instagram) bolster the concept of a local-based service by offering statistics, information and advice about the economic and sociale structure of the territory in which the branches are located.

Logo agenzia assicurazioni
Team agenzia assicurazione
Mock Up Post Instagram agenzia assicurazioni
Font Personalizzato Agenzia Assicurazioni
Font Personalizzato Agenzia Assicurazioni


At the intersection of art, technology and fluorescent colors.

Academic concepts translated into impactful images.

Mock Up Post Instagram Rivista Arte

Images and motion graphics for Kabul Magazine, a publishing house and online magazine. The challenge was to resolve complex concepts for a medium more prone to instantly catchy media such as Instagram. It was solved by using meaningful images that visually translate the books themes, namely the relationship between art and technology, art and identity and art and ecology.

Andrea Fumagalli, Server
Denecke, Virus
Grafica Totem
Scritte Interdipendenza Ecologica
Jarzombek, Close Up Occhio
Nomi intervistati libro
Piero Gilardi
Robot Albero
De-estinzione, dinosauro
barriere migranti
Bruno Latour, Antropocene
Povinelli, Rocce
Fossile di Pesce
Aurora Boreale, T.J. Demos
Boris Groys


Do not buy this packaging.

Containers for thoughtful shopping.

Poster Design Consumo Sostenibile

Packaging and posters comparing the average daily calories consumed by people in world nations. This project illustrates the problem of food distribution, which, although produced in abundance, is channeled to wealthier countries leaving nations with less economic power cut off. The work also urges the public to engage in more responsible food consumption because of the consequences of intensive farming and ranching on the planet.

Immagine satellitare, deforestazione Amazzonia-1
Statistiche consumo cibo nel mondo
packaging sostenibile
Immagine Satellitare, deofrestazione amazzonia-2
Immagine Satellitare, Deforestazione Amazzonia-3
Statistiche comsuno cibo nel mondo-2
Quanto Mangi?


Advertise a tool through its use.

Recepits for putting a blast chiller to the test.

Animazione Cibo Etnico

Strategy to promote a blast chiller winner of the 2017 Smart Label Award from Politecnico di Milano. Cooking Around is a traveling cooking showcase by chef Massimiliano Iulio to exhibit a multifunction blast chiller capable of low-temperature cooking. Together with the demonstration, a recipe book was provided to guests.

Cucina Neon Equador
Design Ricettario
Design ricette di cibo
Mercato Verdure Asia
Mock Up Cucina
Design Ricette Cibo
Design Brochure
Mercato Pesca Asia
Mercato Verdure
Design Catalogo Abbattitore


Social media and the five senses

Strategy for well-being retreats.

Engaging your senses like never before. Our social media campaign is all about diving into the world of the 5 senses. From synesthesia-inspired experiences to activities that resonate with your perceptions, we’ve crafted a sensorial journey. Building a vibrant community through interactive games, themed events, and a stellar landing page, we’ve empowered our client to captivate potential customers.

Video: Felipe Casimiro
Foto: Pedro Lopes

campo di fiori gialli
Cibo, sinestesia-1
musica, sinestesia
falò,sinestesia, design
sinestesia cibo, musica, design
concoroso, design, piante
Fiori, deisgn evento wellness
Villa con Piscina sulla Foresta


Can Google Maps be in full color?

An App for Venice


Exploring the nexus of function and form in app design. Our prototype takes inspiration from tech giants like Google Maps, infusing stronger aesthetics while preserving functionality. Can beauty meet efficiency? Additionally, envisioning a virtual tour guide, we curate local expert-led tours for an immersive experience.

Mock-Up App Venezia
Mappa Antica Venezia-1
Design App, Mappa
Mappa Antica Venezia
Mappa Antica Venezia-3
Mock Up Applicazione Mappa Venezia


Opening up new markets and frontiers.

A website for a start-up incubator.

Elevating the flavors of Italian start-ups. Our website at CHZ is more than a digital storefront—it’s a gateway to new markets in UAE, Southeast Asia & North America. With a Business2Business focus and a Modernist touch, we’ve curated a vibrant blend of images, texts, and colors to captivate diverse audiences.

Scultura Acciaio
Mock Up Mobile Sito Web, Food

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